Dual Credit College Prep Program

Dual Credit College Prep Program

Thomas More’s Dual-Credit (TMDC) Program offers high school students the opportunity to avoid summer melt and prepare rising juniors and seniors for the future ahead of them through Ƶ’s College Prep Program.

It is the goal of this specialized program to help high school students to stay academically engaged during the summer and help students keep college on the horizon as a post-high school option.

By participating in the Thomas More Dual-Credit College Prep Program, students will:

  • Gain experience and build confidence towards college by earning Ƶ college credits.
  • Receive personal and academic support by Ƶ faculty, staff, and their peers through small class sizes;
  • Learn to navigate the structure and rigor of college;
  • Engage in valuable out-of-high school programming geared towards academic success and personal development at Ƶ,
  • Access all campus resources and services to help students smoothly transition into dual-credit and their first year of college; and
  • Experience all of this and more at a significantly reduced rate.

For any student considering the College Prep with Thomas More, an application must be completed and submitted. All applications will be reviewed for acceptance by the TMDC office.

College Prep Program Qualifications:

A partnering high school will identify a cohort of students to participate in Thomas More’s Dual-Credit College Prep Program during the summer before their junior year. Thomas More’s Dual-Credit office will be responsible for admitting and enrolling students into the College Prep Program.

Differing from Thomas More’s Dual-Credit Program Requirements, this special program will allow students to enroll who have a minimum unweighted high school GPA of 2.5 or higher.

Selection of students will be identified through representatives at their high school. Ideally, preference will be given towards first generation students and students coming from diverse socio-economic backgrounds.

To apply, students must complete the following:

  • Indicate your interest in dual-credit to your high school counselor.
  • Students and their parent/guardian will need to complete the online application at: .
  • School counselors will submit the student’s high school transcript.
Program Outline:

During the summer between their sophomore and junior year, students will:

  • Enroll in one college preparatory dual-credit course on campus.
  • Students also have the option of taking an additional course that introduces them to a particular major.

In the summer between their junior and senior year, returning students could participate in a second year of the College Prep program to continue preparation towards college. In their second summer in the program, students will:

  • Enroll in one or more general education course on campus.
  • Have the opportunity to also engage with a counselor on the Admissions team to help them ensure they have everything needed to apply to and/or attend Thomas More.

The cost for this program will follow the dual-credit tuition rate determined by KHEAA prior to each academic year. For reference, the tuition rate for 2022-2023 is $91/credit hour. Since the KHEAA Dual-Credit Scholarship does not cover summer courses, students are responsible for the cost of tuition unless covered by their school district.

Additional costs to students may include the cost of course materials.

For more information on cost of attendance please visit our Estimated Cost of Attendance貹.