Institutional Review Board

The Institutional Review Board (IRB) is empowered by federal agencies, including the FDA and DHHS, and bears primary authority to review, approve, monitor, and protect the rights and welfare of human subjects participating in research conducted by the University community. In fulfilling its charge, the IRB will:

  1. Formulate human research guidelines and policies that meet federal regulations, incorporate the ethical concerns for the entire University community that reflects the particular needs of the University’s researchers. These guidelines and policies are to be approved by the President in consultation with the Provost.
  2. All studies that incorporate human subjects in the study are reviewed and approved by the committee via three choices: exempt, expedited, or full review.
  3. Provide information to researchers about the policies and procedures of the institution in regards to IRB approval and research incorporating human subjects including federal, local, and institution standards regarding human research.
  4. Maintain adequate records and confidentiality and prepare bi-semester reports for the President and Provost on the approved research.

The IRB meets monthly during the semester to review full applications, and expedited and exempt applications are reviewed as-needed by a selection of committee members.

For application forms, meeting dates, or more information, visit the Canvas site below or contact the IRB directly.