Math & Physics Tutoring Center


If you have any questions about the Math and Physics Tutoring Center, you may call the Tutoring Center room at (859) 344-3625 or contact the Tutoring Center Coordinator, 
David Thompson via email.

Math & Physics Tutoring Center

The Math & Physics Tutoring Center offers free math, physics, and statistics tutoring to all Ƶ students. Tutoring begins on the second week of each semester. The Center is located in room S206 in the Math Hallway (2nd floor of the Science building). Some tutors may also hold hours in the Benedictine Library.

Students are encouraged to reserve a tutoring session ahead of time using the , however walk-ins are welcome when peer tutors are available..

When you come to the Math & Physics Tutoring Center, bring the following materials with you so that we may better assist you:

  • Your textbook (even if you don’t use it in class);
  • Your homework (or your laptop if your homework is online);
  • Handouts and other materials from class; and
  • A calculator, if you own one (if you do not own a calculator, you may borrow one from the Tutoring Center).

For questions regarding the Math & Physics Tutoring Center, please contact or call 859-344-3625.

Please visit for a list of tutors and their schedules. Selecting a time on the website will also show the email address of that tutor and whether they can be found in S206 or the Benedictine Library.