Alternative Format Materials and Procedure


The Office of Student Accessibility is committed to providing required course material in alternate formats to those who have a documented need for it in order to access the courses in which they are enrolled. Commonly used alternate formats include but are not limited audio recordings, e-text, and Braille. The Office of Student Accessibility has the right to select the process for acquiring and delivering alternative format materials.

To facilitate timely delivery of your converted materials please make your requests as early as possible, but at least 3 weeks in advance of when you will need the materials.


After registering for classes, you will need to complete the Alternative Format Request Form.

You will need to provide the following:

  • Class information (course code, section, instructor name)
  • Book information (book title, edition, author, ISBN #)
  • Textbook rental receipt; see to access the information on your ordered text
  • Contact professor to request course material be delivered in the appropriate format. Also, request the order of text material to be covered.
  • Once received, review your alternative text for any problems. If you do come across any issues, notify the Office of Student Accessibility immediately so they can resolve the issue.

*** Textbooks require three weeks and other materials require up to three days. REQUEST EARLY!