Mental Health Information

Counseling Services maintains a variety of books, pamphlets, and handouts on mental health topics. Students are invited to contact our office as a resource for mental health information. Additionally, there are several websites which provide mental health information. The following are a few of those sites:

Hundreds of downloadable pamphlets on a variety of mental health topics including Anxiety, Depression, Eating Disorders, Childhood Abuse, Alcohol and Drug Abuse, Sexual Assault, Stress, Sexual Orientation, Healthy Relationships, Study Skills.


Mental health resource for college students.

A division of the National Institute of Health, NIMH web site provides general information and updates on the latest research and initiatives.

NMHA is an advocacy organization for mental health issues. The website provides various mental health information, including pamphlets.

Brighton Center is a community organization that helps people become self-sufficient. The agency offers assistance through employment training, child and youth development, emergency assistance and independent living services.

NorthKey’s network of community care centers fosters understanding and acceptance of those experiencing mental health disorders, intellectual disabilities or substance use disorders, and helps each person reach his or her fullest potential. Our experienced professionals work with each person to set and attain goals for living their best life.

Mental Health America of Northern Kentucky is an expert in helping guide you to recovery from mental illness and substance abuse. We also pride ourselves in offering education and services that will help you stay mentally stable and well.