Ƶ, Gateway Community & Technical College Partnership

This partnership is a concurrent admission and enrollment program for students pursuing their first undergraduate degree who are accepted at Gateway and plan to complete a baccalaureate degree at Ƶ.

In order to meet admission criteria for entry into Ƶ, students need to have a minimum high school cumulative GPA of 3.0 prior to completing 12 credit hours of collegiate work. Students who have completed at least 12 credit hours at Gateway need to have achieved and maintained a 2.0 GPA.

Students are eligible to apply to the Gateway 2 Thomas More program after they have successfully completed 12 credit hours at Gateway and achieved a minimum GPA of 2.0. Students must submit their application, which will be reviewed for admission by both Gateway and Ƶ; they will be notified of their admission status based on the following criteria:

  • Must be enrolled in an Associate of Arts, Associate of Science, or Associate of Applied Science degree program and plan to complete their associate degree at Gateway and their BA/BS at Ƶ.
  • Must have at least 12 earned credit hours at Gateway to be eligible to take the first course at Ƶ through the Gateway 2 Thomas More program; after admission into the program, courses may be taken concurrently at both institutions and students must enroll in at least 6 credit hours at Gateway each regular semester and in 3 credits at Gateway in the summer term in order to continue their eligibility to enroll concurrently in courses at Ƶ.
  • Must maintain a minimum 2.0 cumulative GPA at Gateway and at Ƶ to remain in good academic standing in the Gateway 2 Thomas More program.
  • May undertake a maximum of 6-8 credits at Thomas More at the guaranteed Gateway tuition rate for this program as long as the student remains in good academic standing at both Gateway and Ƶ.
  • Students who complete their associate degree at Gateway while in the Gateway 2 Thomas More program will have fulfilled the General Education requirement at Thomas More, and must undertake the major requirements and electives totaling 120 credits (typically constituting 60 credits at Gateway and 60 credits at Thomas More) to graduate with an associate degree from Gateway and an undergraduate degree from Thomas More. A few majors may require more than 60 credits.
  • Students in the Gateway 2 Thomas More program who have not completed the AS degree at Gateway but have acquired credits will work with the Faculty Transfer Advisor of Studies or Registrar at Ƶ to match their coursework against the Abridged Core requirements and complete the Abridged Core at Ƶ, their major requirements, and electives for a total of 120 credits to graduate with an undergraduate degree from Ƶ.

Students enrolled in this program are eligible to take up to two courses totaling 6-8 credit hours (two 3 or 4 credit courses) general education courses which are not offered at Gateway, pre-major courses, and major courses each semester at Thomas More while pursuing an associate degree at Gateway.

Gateway 2 Thomas More students pay the Gateway tuition rate to Ƶ for the approved 6-8 credit hours of Ƶ courses while concurrently registered at Gateway and Ƶ. Students taking classes at Ƶ through the program will also pay part-time students support fees at 50% of the standard rate per credit hour.

Students must be enrolled for a minimum of six credits at Gateway during the same semester to be eligible for the Gateway tuition rate at Ƶ.

Students in the program will have access to student services at both institutions including:

  • Tutoring Support
  • Library
  • Advising Support
  • Career Services
  • Campus Recreation Center
  • Theater and sporting events
  • Students Clubs (excluding athletics)
  • Thomas More University parking

Students in the program may access housing at Thomas More University at a discounted rate of 75% of the standard housing rate while in the program, provided that they are concurrently registered at Thomas More University and Gateway.

For more information on cost of attendance please visit our Estimated Cost of Attendance貹.

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